A new war crime is committed by the Houthi terrorist militia with artillery bombardment on a displaced camp of the displaced from Hodeidah.


On Friday, October 5, 2018, dozens of Hodeidah refugees were killed and injured in a new crime of Houthi terrorist attacks by deliberate artillery bombardment on their camp in the eastern outskirts of the Al-Khokha District.


Field sources told the agency of «December 2nd», that the Houthi militia targeted directly and deliberately a camp of Bani Jaber of the King Salman Center for Relief and Humanitarian Action in the District of Alkhokha three shells, resulting in the death and wounding dozens of the camp residents, mostly women and children.


Ambulances rushed to the site of the Huthi attack. They recovered many of the victims, including the a decapitated body and a number of injured with limbs amputated as a result of Houthi missiles.


The sources considered the loss of lives of innocent refugees by the rockets of criminal militias in response to the costly losses incurred on the fronts of the West Coast.


The people and citizens condemned this heinous humanitarian crime, which did not respect the principles of human rights and international humanitarian laws. They also called on the United Nations to  bear their humanitarian and social responsibilities against these Huthi crimes that have caused destruction in Yemen and its people.

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